Get a well-designed and user-friendly 
WIX website for $1000+GST 
This is a perfect fit for small to medium businesses, who want to have a solid digital presence and grow their site over time. Here is what our $1K website package includes:


The package includes the development of five custom-designed pages such as home, about, services, news and contact. It's easy to add more pages if required.


Your website should feel part of the same family with all your other marketing material. We follow your brand look & feel, but can give your site a distinctive flavour if needed.


We give you a template for content creation and then upload the approved content provided by you (logos /images /copy) to the site. As an admin of the site, you can change the content as needed.

Social media

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your site. We link your site to your social media accounts to maximise your visibility across different platforms.

Mobile ready

It's incredibly important to have a site which works well on all the devices. We'll ensure your site has a strong presence from desktop to mobile.


To increase visibility of your site, we register your site with Google and if relevant, we add a Google location map to your site. We also set-up the Google analytics for monitoring the traffic.


We'll provide a basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) set-up as part of the package. It takes time to build a presence in Google, so please talk to us, if you need more help with this.


A 1hr  training on how to maintain your site is part of the package. We also hook you up with WIX support group. If you want us to update the site or need more help,  our hourly charge is $50/hr

The extras

Hosting fee - payable directly to the host - Starting from US$12.50/month

Domain name reservation, if not existing - Starting from $45

Custom features, such as complex online forms - Quoted as needed

Photography or video production - Quoted as needed

Copywriting beyond simple copy edit - Quoted as needed

Good to know

Why WIX?

WIX is a website builder, which allows you to maintain and update your site easily. It's well suited for small and medium-sized businesses, who don't want to learn to code but need an effective website to promote their business.

But if it's so simple, can I create
a website myself?

You sure can. However, there are few tricks of the trade. The advantage of using a professional designer is that you'll get everything set-up correctly in the beginning.

How about SEO - Search Engine Optimisation​

We provide basic SEO set-up with our package. It takes time to build a presence in Google and various tactics are needed. Talk to us, if you want more help with this.

Why Subzero Group

We have built websites with WIX since 2013. Our approach is client-focussed and we pride ourselves on being easy to deal with. We are also a one-stop-shop for any design, copywriting, photography or video services.

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