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Lockdown production goes viral

Updated: May 25, 2020

During the lockdown, we were busy at producing digital material for Clean Below? Good to Go campaign. The campaign is a collaboration between seven different councils, DOC and Biosecurity NZ and it is aimed for educating kiwi boaties about various marine pests and how to keep them in check. We were engaged by Wilde Media to update the visual look and feel of the campaign website and also create a matching email template in Mailchimp. Meanwhile, Gareth, who runs the video & photo side of Subzero, was busy editing some videos for their social platforms.

Few days before moving to level 2, they enquired if we could produce a video highlighting the importance of cleaning your hull before heading out to prevent the spread of marine pests. The timeframe would have been impossible to meet without some lucky coincidences. We own a boat, which needed a clean and Gareth being a lifelong boatie was able to jump on front of the camera to talk about the subject. The video was distributed through the Wilde Media's marine contacts and it ended up getting over 10,000 views in a couple of days without boosting of the post. We all agreed, it's a pretty epic number for a video which is about cleaning and pests. A right type of thing to go viral!

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